A premium subscription service that provides your reptile feeders without you ever leaving the house.

Subscribers Receive

  • New Customer Feeding Tongs

  • Reptile Related Gifts

  • Home Delivery: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

  • Live, Pre-killed, Frozen Feeder Options

Feeders Offered

  • Superworms

  • Dubia Roaches

  • Dubia Roach Sizes: Medium

  • Rats (Live, Frozen, Pre-killed)

  • Rat Sizes: Pinky, Fuzzy, Pup, Weaned, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo

  • Mice (Live, Frozen, Pre-killed)

  • Mice Sizes: Pinky, Fuzzy, Hopper, Adult, Jumbo

  • Rabbits (Frozen)

  • Rabbit Sizes: 6 lbs or 11 lbs

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